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What is RCMD?


We all make recommendations, for shops, bars, restaurants, places to visit and things to buy. We have to repeat ourselves or re-type it, but with RCMD you can keep all of your recommendations in one place that you can easily share and promote for free.

If you:
  • Share recommendations with friends
  • Are an influencer working with brands
  • Promote your own business


Quickly and easily create a 'lite' website to showcase your lifestyle and focus on your recommendations.

Links in posts on social media sites can be limited and get lost quickly, RCMD keeps them all in one place and easy to find, making it more convenient for friends and followers and more profitable for influencers.

Link to other websites, Amazon, Etsy etc. or better still, get your preferred companies to join our partner marketplace for free so you can earn by recommending.See More

RCMD helps Influencers and Businesses match to find the best win-win solution.


Meet Shelly, Pete the Jeweller and Lisa to understand how RCMD works.

Hear what others have to say

Jane & Matt - La Petite Maison
"I promote on other social platforms, but only RCMD provides a simple solution to turn followers and fans into revenue. It’s the perfect showcase for the companies I work with and the easiest solution for having a shop window that works. RCMD allows me to share my earnings with fans to generate more sales and reward their loyalty."Jane & Matt - La Petite Maison