RCMD for Businesses

For any business that uses social media or word-of-mouth to generate sales and get new customers, RCMD has something for you.


Match – Promote – Grow

  • Easily identifying Influencers that are passionate about your market and can add value and generate sales for your company.
  • Collaborating with NEXU, you have a zero risk, pay-on-results marketplace that will pay influencers a commission for each sale.
  • Authentic and honest marketing.

AirBnB – Hotels – Travel Guides, there’s something for you…


A folder for guests, a concierge desk and people asking for recommendations… rather than keep printing sheets or repeating yourself, why not create a profile for your business and list all of your recommendations in one place that people can easily access anywhere, anytime.

  • Use RCMD to find influencers and join NEXU, our partner marketplace where you can add offers for free in just a few minutes.
  • Get free word-of-mouth advertising, promotion and get more sales and new customers with zero risk.
  • It’s win-win marketing and growth for everyone.