Help and FAQs

Q: How big an influencer do I have to be?

A: Any size! Influencers don’t have to have celebrity status or have millions of followers. If you influence ten people, your voice matters and you can help support the companies you like and believe in. The bigger you are, the more opportunity you may have to generate sales, and therefore the more you could be rewarded, but everyone has to start somewhere. RCMD is you space to find promote the partners you work with, find new ones and generate sales.

Q: Do I have to like what I sell?

A: In our minds, YES! You should not promote or sell things that you do not truly believe in. As an influencer you have a responsibility to your followers and fans... they are believing in you, don’t mislead them.

Q: I’m a video blogger / YouTuber... can I benefit?

A: YES, absolutely! As someone sharing experiences, making reviews, your opinions count... RCMD is perfect for you as within your blogs and channels you will be able to ReCoMmenD exactly what you like... not just what’s sold on the big e-commerce stores, but you can even get the local shop that you want to support to join our partner marketplace NEXU, add offers for the products you review and recommend, then you can promote those offers and help the local companies that you want to see grow. When you generate sales, you will earn commissions.

Q: Do I have to sell stuff from Amazon or ebay?

A: No. RCMD isn’t about just helping you grow, it’s about you helping the individual companies you like grow as well. If you buy and review equipment from a local shop, simply get them to join our marketplace partner NEXU for free, get them to add an offer for free and then you promote that offer. Each sale you make, you’ll get paid. RCMD wants to help you, the companies you like, communities and bring back a voice to smaller independent businesses. If you help them, they reward you... it’s simple and everyone wins.

Q: How can I make the most of RCMD?


Visibility – Your own mini website:
Join RCMD, create your profile and centralise all of your marketing powers in one place so that you can easily showcase ALL of your influencing potential.

Add RCMD’s (ReCoMmenDations) to link to marketplaces with your existing affiliate links (Amazon, partner web shops etc.)

Earn More:
Invite businesses to join our partner marketplace NEXU and ask them to add products or services that you will promote for them. They can join for free, create listings for free and then let you bring them advertising and promotion without any risk. When your posts and recommendations generate sales, they will be charged a fee which will pay you a commission.

Empower your Fans and Followers:
Products and services you sell via NEXU will pay you a commission. You can decide to share that with your Fans and Followers, motivating them to share your posts and bring you more influencing power by empowering and rewarding them!

A Passive Income:
The businesses that you introduce to NEXU (using your invite link) could recognise you for the ‘Business Introduction Commission’ and bring you a passive income on ALL sales that they make through NEXU, even those not generated from your marketing efforts.

Q: How can RCMD help me make money from Instagram and other Social platforms?

A: Instagram is great for generating attention, but unless you can monetise it, it’s all going to waste. Being able to send that attention somewhere that can turn it into money is the key. RCMD lets you use a single url link to open up a window that allows you to showcase all your online presence, have a web shop, link to various market places and share across many platforms. This saves you the need of having to build your own website, create an online shop or worry about sales. Get the companies you love to join our partner marketplace for free and you can earn even more.

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