RCMD for Influencers



ReCoMmenD lets you easily:

  • star emojiShowcase YOU and YOUR world.
  • handshake emojiFocus all of your marketing into one place.
  • chart-increasing emojiPromote companies, generate sales and earn revenue more effectively.
  • briefcase emojiMatch with companies that suit you.

For Every Type of Influencer


balance-scale emojiNano, Micro or Massive... influencers of all sizes have a value... not all companies want or need celebrity sized influencers to promote their company, so whoever you are, however big your audience, there is an opportunity for you to help companies grow and get rewarded.

passions emojiFashion, travel, lifestyle, kit, gear and equipment... whatever your passions, match up with businesses who will reward you for your influencing power.


money-bag emojiWhether from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest... anywhere, bring everything together in one place to easily turn fans and followers into revenue.

  • Create a profile that:
    • Showcases all your social media channels.
    • Shows a clear bio and endorsements.
    • Lists all recommendations with links to products on various websites, that where relevant includes affiliate links and discount codes.
  • Have a single link to share on all your social media and marketing channels.
  • Promote a mixture of both commercial and lifestyle recommendations.


  • love-you-gesture emojiRCMD gives influencers the power and choice to onboard and promote the companies, products and services they like, providing a more personal and honest service.
  • loudspeaker emojiThanks to the partnership with NEXU.com marketplace, monetise recommendations by inviting businesses to add products or services that you can promote and earn commissions.
  • shopping-bags emojiUsing friend-to friend sharing on NEXU, incentivise fans and followers to also recommend, increasing your marketing reach.
  • up-arrow emojiSell your own products or services.


  • flexed-biceps emojiDebbie is a personal trainer.
  • woman-lifting-weights-medium-skin-tone emojiShe has YouTube, Facebook and Instagram profiles to generate followers by showing her fitness videos and elements of her lifestyle.
  • light-bulb emojiShe wants to recommend and sell leggings, competition bikinis, equipment and other stuff like shops and restaurants.
  • frowning-face emojiShe found that managing several platforms linking to multiple products is time consuming, messy and her recommendations quickly get lost.
  • smiling-face-with-sunglasses emojiNow with RCMD, Debbie uses a single link to send all of her traffic to one place that showcases her world where all of her recommendations are easily seen. This allows her fans and followers to buy and easily share to help generate more sales.